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DA-31 High Performance Racing Fuel Pump


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Driven 2 Automotive's specially designed DA-31 is a custom made high specification Fast Road/Racing fuel pump compatible with a wide variety of high performance car makes and models. It will provide enough fuelling for 700 BHP+

These pumps are being used all over the world and have been sold by us for many years. They use a 18mm x 1.5mm inlet fitting and an 12mm Banjo fitting on the outlet, these can both be found in our shop listed seperately or you may opt to go down the easier route and buy one of our DA-31 kits which have them included already.

  • The DA-31 Pump is ideal as a replacement uprated fuel pump for any car or modifying/race car project, whether it’s turbo/supercharged or normally aspirated. If you're uprating your turbo, injectors, cams, boost, internal polishing, weight reduction, balancing and transmission then spend money to upgrade your fuel pump!! “Remember, you can never have a big enough fuel pump! It’s bad news if you run lean!”

  •  The DA-31 has been designed and produced with no compromise. Be assured that you are buying a superb quality high performance part.

  • Many of our customers use these for race applications and mount them externally. However if you know what you're doing, you can get one of these to sit in-tank if you modify your fuel pump sender/housing as our pump has been designed to work internally as well!


  • There's less hassle for a user not having to fit an external strainer as we've managed to incorporate one inside the DA-31 pump. This is also something which you do not see on normal fuel pumps. It means less hassle and expense for you, you can literally just connect this up INLINE and it will draw from your tank. On most of our customers racing applications they've mounted their pump(s) in the passenger footwell or boot/trunk.

  • The inlet and outlet on the pump are parallel so matching the pump up on most vehicles is very simple. In some cases you might require an additional pipe joiner and fittings but no serious modifications will be necessary. However if you're not experienced then we advise that you seek professional help, after all, you're messing around with a fuel system at the end of the day.


Full Specification and Contents:

  • A brand new DA-31 High Performance Fuel Pump
  • Internal fuel filter/strainer
  • Very simple to use/replace and fit, the DA-31 pump just has parallel IN/OUT and 12v power terminals clearly - and + marked
  • Fuel Pump Wiring Kit (see below)
  • Operating Temperature of Sub 0 to 80 Degrees
  • Operating Pressure 3-9 Bar
  • 10.3 Bar Safety Shut Off
  • They're very compact in design, around 18.5cm in length, 6.2cm in diameter, 1.1kg in weight
  • Non return valve fitted to outlet
  • Extremely robust casing
  • The inlet fitting is interchangable with the Bosch 0580 254 044 Fuel Pump which we also sell.

Wiring Kit Contents:

  • 2x Rubber boots (13mm)
  • M5 & M4 nuts/washers
  • M5 & M4 crimp on terminals
  • 2x Metal hose clips

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