DA-27 Performance Fuel Pump w/ Banjo Fitting


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Kit Contents:

  • 1x DA-27 High Performance Fuel Pump
  • 1x Outlet M12x1.5mm Banjo fitting with capnut and washers (8mm fuel hose fitment)
  • 1x Wiring kit



This is our custom made DA-27 fuel pump with built in strainer 0-9 bar operation pressure, 8.6 bar safety shut off and standard 12-14 volt operation.

The DA-27 is a custom made high specification fast road / racing fuel pump compatible with a wide variety of high performance car makes and models and will provide enough fuelling for over 500bhp. The inlet is suitable for a 15mm fuel hose and the banjo outlet is suitable for an 8mm fuel hose.

The DA-27 pump is ideal as a replacement up-rated fuel pump for any car or a modifying/race car project whether it's turbo/supercharged or normally aspirated. If you're up-rating your turbo, injectors, cams, boost, internal polishing, lightening, balancing and transmission then it's always advisable to upgrade your fuel pump. This pump can be used as an internal/external/inline fuel pump, many of our customers use these for race applications and mount them externally. However if you know what you're doing you can get one of these to sit in tank if you modify your fuel pump sender. There's also less hassle for a user not having to fit an external strainer as we've managed to incorporate an internal fuel filter/strainer inside the DA-27 pumps inlet. This is also something which you do not see on normal fuel pumps, you can literally connect this up inline and it will draw from your tank.

The inlet and outlet on the pump are parallel so matching it up to most vehicles is very simple. In some cases you may require an additional pipe joiner and fittings but no serious modifications will be necessary. However if you're not experienced then we advise you seek professional help.


Operating Pressures

  • 6.7 AMPS @ 35 PSI
  • 8.6 AMPS @ 60 PSI
  • 9.4 AMPS @ 70 PSI
  • 10.7 AMPS @ 90 PSI
  • 12.7 AMPS @ 120 PSI



  • Internal fuel filter/strainer
  • 1 Year or 20,000 mile warranty.
  • The pump works on a standard 12 volt car battery supply.
  • The pump can be used as an internal/external/inline fuel pump.
  • Very simple to use/replace/fit DA-27 pump just has parallel IN/OUT and 12Vpower.
  • Wiring kit included.
  • Banjo fitting included.
  • Operating Temperature of Sub 0 to 80 Degrees.
  • Operating Pressure 0-9 Bar.
  • 8.6 Bar SAFETY SHUT OFF.
  • They're a very compact design, around 20.5cm in length, 6.2cm in diameter, 1.2 KG weight.
  • Extreme Robust Casing.


Faulty Fuel Pump Symptoms:

  • Noisy running, (rattling, whining, stuttering)
  • Cutting out or lack of power at high engine speeds
  • Boost cut or throttling back on high performance applications
  • Non start
  • Power loss at high revs


Wiring Kit:

  • 2x Rubber boots (13mm)
  • M5 & M4 nuts/washers
  • M5 & M4 crimp on terminals
  • 2x Metal hose clips


Included Banjo Fitting:

  • 1x Outlet M12x1.5mm Banjo fitting with capnut and washers (8mm fuel hose fitment)
  • 1x Capnut
  • 2x Washers


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