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The famous Bosch '044' pump is a synonym for fuel delivery in the world of performance tuning. A single '044' can handle up to around 730hp at the flywheel on NA applications and up to 600hp on turbo/supercharged vehicles. They've been a consistent winner for consumers who are looking for a reliable, quality built fuel pump upgrade. 730hp not enough? Mount two in-line and you'll be able increase the output for turbocharged applications up to around 1200hp!

As performance levels increase via greater airflow efficiency or higher boost levels, fuel delivery is crucial in maintaining proper air/fuel ratios and developing the maximum amount of true horsepower possible.

The Bosch 044 in-line fuel pump upgrade can replace the factory pump on any car to maximize fuel flow for high boost applications, especially where the factory injector pulse duration is substantially increased or where additional or larger injectors are utilized.



  • Bosch Part Number: 0580254044
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • Minimum Current: 12 Volts
  • Operating Pressure: 72.5 PSI (5 Bar)
  • Minimum Flow @ Outlet: 80 GPH (300 LPH)
  • Fuel Pump Location: In-Line external
  • High Temperature Reduction: 8 GPH (30 LPH)
  • Weight: 1030 Grams (1.03kg / 2.27 Pounds)
  • Max BHP Turbo/Supercharged: up to 600HP.
  • Max BHP N.A: Naturally Aspirated: up to 730HP.
  • Flow Qty litres/hour (pressure): 200 (5 Bar)
  • Length: 196mm
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Max Power Consumption (Amps): 15.5
  • Electrical Connection (-/+): M5/M6
  • Methanol Tolerant: Yes
  • Inlet thread size: M18x1.5
  • Outlet thread size: M12x1.5
  • Terminals: Negative M5 / Positive M6



Worried about Fakes?

No worries! Bosch has listened to the distributors to introduce a way to verify product authenticity. Bosch 044's now include a security coded seal on the box which you simply enter on the Bosch Protect website here, this ensures you've received a genuine Bosch product from us.

We understand everyone likes to make sure everything is authentic, which is why you can also check the website is real by performing a 'domain whois' lookup on a search engine. Input "" which will show Robert Bosch GmbH as the registrant organisation. For you non-tech savvy folk, is a sub domain of, this means that the site is owned and set up by

Note: The security seal in the main listing image had to be blurred out so nobody can attempt to copy it. The box you will receive will have a code like the examples below:

You can also check out our blog post here on how to spot fake 044's with the older box designs.


Quoted from Bosch:

"To guarantee the authenticity and integrity of Bosch products, selected Bosch packages are provided with authenticity seals. By inspecting the seals and entering a security code our partners and consumers may verify product authenticity at any time. Protect your vehicle from the risk of damage by fake products and support our initiative against brand piracy by entering your query. Your online authentication enables us to contact you in the event of any questions arising in conjunction with cases of brand piracy that have been discovered. Your assistance contributes to our preventive actions designed to protect vehicle owners.

-Thank you very much"




Please seek professional installation for all fuel delivery items, poorly installed fuel pumps can severely impact the performance and potentially damage your vehicle. No one wants a fire risk in their pride and joy! Driven 2 Automotive will not accept liability for loss or damage.

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