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The DA-25 is a very similar pump to the popular Walbro 255 GSS341 (similar sized dimensions). It's a high powered 255LPH fuel pump designed for use in many auto applications, whether it be daily drivers, fast road or if you're simply just looking to upgrade or replace your faulty fuel pump.
All of our pumps are manufactured according to strict guidelines in order to maintain ISO quality standards and system certifications so be assured you're buying a quality product.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x DA-25 High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • 1 x Rubber Protection Sock
  • 1 x Fuel Filter / Strainer
  • 1 x Section of 8mm Fuel Hose
  • 1 x Wire Harness
  • (can of course be altered and cut for other connections)
  • 2 x Hose Clips / Hose Clamps
  • 1 x Rubber End Protection Cap


What are the symptoms of a faulty fuel pump?

  • Noisy running, (rattling, whining, stuttering)
  • Cutting out or lack of power at high engine speeds
  • Boost cut or throttling back on high performance applications
  • Hard to start
  • Engine surges
  • Engine hesitation
  • Engine stalling
  • Power loss at high revs

What cars does this pump fit?

Our DA-25 Fuel Pump fits a wide variety of auto applications, so we highly recommend that you check your stock OEM pump as a guide for the best replacement pump by researching online which pump your car actually has. It's also a note to check the orientation of your pumps inlet and outlet as these can sometimes be found rotated on different cars.

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