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Genuine and brand new BOSCH manufactured unit.

Made in Germany.

Need help confirming fitment?

Click here to use the Bosch Automotive part finder website, by inputting your vehicle details it will show you the correct part for your vehicle. Alternatively you can drop us an email and we'll be happy to help using our extensive parts compatibility database.


Helpful Information

Air flow sensors can typically go faulty around every 40,000 miles. This can happen due to a very gradual build up of dust and dirt on the sensor element which can send very inaccurate air / fuel ratio readings to the ECU. The sensor element is a very sensitive unit; we don’t recommend using air flow meter cleaner as this can drastically shorten the life of the sensor.

Bosch reminds customers to use authentic products of which we at Driven2Automotive only sell. Fake products use cheap, low quality materials which can cause poor performance and inaccurate test data, thus having a possibility of increasing fuel consumption immediately by about 20 percent! Fake products will also reduce the performance of the engine, increase exhaust emissions and cause other adverse side effects.

If you don’t have an OBD fault code scanner, a simple free test can be carried out to diagnose if the air flow sensor is faulty. We don't recommend driving long distances with the following test as reduced fuel economy and premature engine damage can occur. You simply disconnect the wire harness which goes into the MAF and then go for a short drive around the block. If most of the problems you were having before have vanished, the MAF is bust and will need replacing with a new unit. During this time the ECU will not be receiving the perfect air / fuel ratio however it should be better than the faulty MAF being connected. Driven 2 Automotive will not be held responsible for any damage occurred during this test. Replacing a faulty air flow sensor with a genuine original unit will certainly pay for itself in the end, giving an increase in fuel economy and hopefully erasing all the mentioned faulty symptoms.


Top symptoms of a faulty MAF

  • Stumbling Under Acceleration
  • Power Loss
  • Knocking and Pinging (lean fuelling can cause the engine to overheat)
  • Loss of Fuel Economy


Bosch - At a Glance

About 60% of Bosch's worldwide annual sales are produced in automotive technology. Bosch invented the first practical magneto, an early ignition electrical source, which provided the spark to ignite the fuel in most of the earliest internal combustion engines, and is still used in general aviation engines. Bosch's corporate logo to this date depicts the armature from a magneto. Bosch was an early manufacturer of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and as time passed, Bosch became a leader in such specialized fields as traction control systems (TCS), the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), body electronics (such as central locking, doors, windows and seats), and oxygen sensors, injectors and fuel pumps. Even in such humble technological areas as spark plugs, wiper blades, engine cooling fans and other aftermarket parts, Bosch has over $1 billion in annual sales.

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