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1x Champion QJ19LM (947) Copper-Core Spark Plug


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Champion Copper-Plus

Champions traditional plugs are all constructed with a corrosion resistant zinc plated shell. Resistor plugs have the most durable high voltage semiconductor while marine application use a special wire wound Q-type suppressor (CDI resistor) when noted. Copper core ground or center electrode (when noted). Conforms to all I.S.O and S.A.E standards as specified by all manufacturers.

  • Dependable Performance - Features A Copper Core Electrode That Provides Increased Conductivity And Heat Control, Providing Good Overall Wear Characteristics.
  • Resists fouling and provides superior corrosion resistance.
  • Built by the world leader in Small Engine spark plugs to deliver proven performance.



  • QJ19LM
  • 947



  • 14mm Thread Size
  • 9.5mm (3/8") Reach
  • 13/16" (20.6mm) Hex Size
  • Gasket Seat, CDI Resistor
  • Special for Lawn Mowers
  • Heat Range 19



NGK: BR2LM - Stock no. 5798, 3841, 6787



Note: this is only to be used as a guide, therefore it is the buyers responsibility to purchase the correct spark plug for their application - confirmation of existing plug code match is recommended before placing an order.

ACMEAll models (B&S engines)Recommended
AGRIA5200, 5300 (B&S engines)Recommended
AGRIA400 ERecommended
AGRIA8200-V (B&S engine)Recommended
ALKO750B (B&S Quattro 40 engine)Recommended
ALKO42B, 42BR, 46B, 46BR, 51BR (B&S engine)Recommended
ALKO430B, 430BR, 470B, 470BR, 470BRE, 520BR (B&S engines)Recommended
ALKOBM875-II, BM5001R (B&S engines)Recommended
ALKOTecnamotor or B&S enginesRecommended
ALPINAFL 41LM, FL 46LM, FL 46LS, FL 51LS (B&S engines)Recommended
ALPINAPro 48LMK, Pro 48LSK, Pro 50AMK, Pro 50ASK, Pro 53LSK, Pro 55ASK, Pro 55ASK3 (B&S engines)Recommended
ARIENSB&S or Tecumseh enginesRecommended
ATCOB&S or J.A.P enginesRecommended
BARRUSB&S enginesRecommended
BOLENSB&S enginesRecommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON2.0HP 60100 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON2.5HP 80100 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON3.0HP 62030, 80200, 80300, 81200, 81300 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON3.0HP 90100, 92500, 94500 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON3.5HP 100700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON3.5HP 121700 Series (Quantum L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON3.5HP 90200, 90700, 91200, 92900 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON3.5HP 93200, 93500, 93900, 94900, 95500, 96500 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON3.5HP 93400 Series Non-top tank (Straight entry plug fitment, 9.5mm Thread Reach)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON4.0HP 95700, 96700, 100200 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON4.0HP 95900, 96900, 98900 Series (Classic, Sprint 375) (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON4.0HP 9C900 Series (Quattro 38) (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON4.0HP 10A900 Series (Quattro 40) (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON4.0HP 10B900 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON4.0HP 10C900 Series (Sprint LX40) (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON4.0HP 110700, 110900, 112200 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON4.0HP 127700 Series XE45 (Quantum L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON4.0HP 12E800 Series XM45 (Quantum L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON4.0HP 12S700 Series ES375 (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON4.5HP 126700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON5.0HP 124700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON5.0HP 12F800 Series XTE50 (Quantum L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON5.0HP 130200, 130900 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON5.0HP 131200, 131400, 131700, 131900, 132200, 132900 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON5.5HP 128800, 129700, 129800 Series (Quantum L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON5.5HP 133200, 133400, 133700, 135200 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON6.0HP 12J800 Series (Diamond XTL/XTS 60) (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON6.0HP 12V800 Series XRS 60 (Quantum L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON6.0HP 146400, 146700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON7.0HP 170400, 170700, 171400, 171700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON8.0HP 190400, 190700, 191700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON8.0HP 192400, 192700, 193400, 193700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON8.0HP 194400, 194700, 195400, 195700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON8.0HP 196400, 196700, 197400, 197700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON9.0HP 233400 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON10.0HP 220400, 220700, 221400, 222400 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON10.0HP 226400, 243400 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON10.0HP 251400, 251700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON10.0HP 28A700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON10.5HP 28B700, 257700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON11.0HP 252400, 252700, 253400, 253700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON11.0HP 256400, 256700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON11.0HP 28C700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON11.5HP 259700, 28D700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON12.0HP 280700, 281700, 282700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON12.0HP 283700, 284700, 285700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON12.5HP 286700, 289700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON12.5HP 404400, 404700 Series (Opposed Twin L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON13.0HP 28M700 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON14.0HP 400400, 400700 Series (Opposed Twin L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON16.0HP 326400 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON16.0HP 401400, 401700, 402400, 402700 Series (Opposed Twin L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON18.0HP 421400, 421700, 422400, 422700 Series (Opposed Twin L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON400, 450 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON500, 550 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRIGGS & STRATTON600, 625, 650, 675 Series (L-Head)Recommended
BRILLEvolution 42Recommended
EFCO JETAR 48 TBX (B&S engine)Recommended
EFCO JETAR 53 PAL (Tecumseh engine)Recommended
EFCO JETAR 53 PB, PBV (B&S engines)Recommended
EFCO JETAR 53 TAL, TALV (Tecumseh engines)Recommended
EFCO JETAR 53 TB, TBX, TBXE, TBXF (B&S engines)Recommended
EFCO JETLR 43 PA (Tecumseh engine)Recommended
EFCO JETLR 43 PB (B&S engine)Recommended
EFCO JETLR 44 PB, TB (B&S engines)Recommended
EFCO JETLR 47 PA, PAL, PAX (Tecumseh engines)Recommended
EFCO JETLR 47 PB, PBQ, PBX (B&S engines)Recommended
EFCO JETLR 47 TA (Tecumseh engine)Recommended
EFCO JETLR 48 PB, TBQ, TBX, TBXM (B&S engines)Recommended
EFCO JETLR 53 PBX, TBX (B&S engine)Recommended
EFCO JETMR 435 TBVI (B&S engine)Recommended
EFCO JETMR 474 PB, TB, TBV, TP (B&S engines)Recommended
EFCO JETMR 534 TB, TBE, TBV, TBVE (B&S engines)Recommended
EFCO JETMZ 2000 R (B&S engine)Recommended
FLYMO420XL Vantage engine, 420XLPD, 420XLPDERecommended
FLYMOLC400 (B&S engine)Recommended
FLYMOQuicksilver 46S (B&S engine)Recommended
FLYMORL400 (B&S engine)Recommended
HARRY302 QFB (B&S Quantum L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY302 QZA (Tecnamotor engine)Recommended
HARRY302 QZB (B&S L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY313 MZB (B&S L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY313 QFB, 314 QFB (B&S Quantum L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY313 QZA (Tecnamotor engine)Recommended
HARRY322 LFB (B&S Quantum L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY401 LFB (B&S Quantum L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY401 LZB (B&S L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY401 MZB (B&S L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY411 QFB (B&S Quantum L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY411 QZA (Tecnamotor engine)Recommended
HARRY424 LFB (B&S Quantum L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY451 AFB (B&S Quantum L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY451 LZB, AZB (B&S L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY451 QFB, 451 LFB (B&S Quantum L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY471 AFB (B&S Quantum L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY471 AZB (B&S L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY471 LFB (B&S Quantum L-Head engine)Recommended
HARRY471 PZB (B&S L-Head engine)Recommended
HAYTERB&S Quantum L-Head enginesRecommended
HAYTERClipper 46 Auto Drive (B&S Quattro LX40 engine), 772 VZB (B&S engine)Recommended
HAYTERDouble 3 Auto Drive - 3 Speed (B&S Quantum XTL 50 I/C 12G802 engine)Recommended
HAYTERHarrier 41 Auto Drive (B&S Quantum XTS 50 engine)Recommended
HAYTERHarrier 41 E/S Vari Speed (B&S Quantum XTS 50 engine)Recommended
HAYTERHarrier 41 Push (B&S Quantum XTS 50 engine)Recommended
HAYTERHarrier 48 Auto Drive (B&S Quantum XTS 50 I/C engine)Recommended
HAYTERHarrier 48 Auto Drive - Blade Brake Clutch (B&S Quantum XTS 50 I/C engine)Recommended
HAYTERHarrier 48 Auto Drive - Electric Start (B&S Quantum XTS 50 I/C engine)Recommended
HAYTERHarrier 48 Vari Speed Auto Drive (B&S Quantum XTS 50 engine)Recommended
HAYTERHarrier 48 Vari Speed Auto Drive - Blade Brake Clutch (B&S Quantum XTS 50 engine)Recommended
HAYTERHarrier 48 Vari Speed Auto Drive - Electric Start (B&S Quantum XTS 50 engine)Recommended
HAYTERHawk Auto Drive (B&S Sprint 40 engine)Recommended
HAYTERHawk Push (B&S Sprint 40 engine)Recommended
HAYTERHayterette Push (B&S Quantum XTS 50 engine)Recommended
HAYTERRanger 3 in 1 Auto Drive (B&S Quantum XTS 60 engine)Recommended
HAYTERRanger 41 Push (B&S Quantum XTS 50 engine)Recommended
HAYTERRanger 48 Auto Drive (B&S Quantum XTS 50 engine)Recommended
HAYTERRanger 53 Auto Drive - 4 Speed (B&S Quantum XTS 50 engine)Recommended
HAYTERPowertrain Push (B&S Quantum XTS 60 engine)Recommended
HUSQVARNA535 Master Garden (B&S engine)Recommended
HUSQVARNALC 48V, LC 48VERecommended
HUSQVARNALT10Q, 120, 130Recommended
HUSQVARNAMaster 46Recommended
HUSQVARNAMaster ProRecommended
HUSQVARNAR 145, R 145SV, R 150S, R 153SRecommended
HUSQVARNARider 850-8, 850-12Recommended
HUSQVARNARider 970-12R/SRecommended
HUSQVARNARoyal 42, 42S, 48, 48S, 48SERecommended
HUSQVARNARoyal 43, 43S, 43SE, Jet 50RRecommended
HUSQVARNARoyal 53SRecommended
JOHN DEEREB&S enginesRecommended
JONSEREDFT5, RT5Recommended
LAWNBOYB&S or Tecumseh enginesRecommended
LITTLE WONDERB&S enginesRecommended
MASSEY FERGUSON10-10, 20-12Recommended
MOUNTFIELDAG2 (B&S 5HP engine)Recommended
MOUNTFIELDESE 20 (B&S 4HP engine)Recommended
MOUNTFIELDTAG 3 (B&S 4HP engine)Recommended
MOUNTFIELDTAG 6 (B&S 11HP engine)Recommended
MOUNTFIELDB&S, Aspera or Tecumseh enginesRecommended
NATIONALB&S enginesRecommended
NAUTACCountry DR06 (B&S 5HP I/C engine)Recommended
NORLETTB&S enginesRecommended
OLEO-MACG44, G48, G53 (B&S L-Head engines)Recommended
OLEO-MACLUX 53 (B&S L-Head engines)Recommended
OLEO-MACMAX 44, MAX 48, MAX 53 (B&S L-Head engines)Recommended
OTTERBINE2 hpStandard Plug
PARTNER446R, 446RD, 446RDSV, 450R, 450M, 455RDRecommended
PARTNERLR10, LR12, LR13, LRH13, LT14, YTH16Recommended
POULANPO450N20S (B&S 450 Series engine)Recommended
POULANPO500N22S (B&S 500 Series engine)Recommended
POULANPR550N21R, PR550N22SH (B&S 550 Series engines)Recommended
POULANPR625N21RH3, PR625Y22RHP/RKP/RP/SHP (B&S 625 Series engines)Recommended
POULANVF550 (B&S 550 Series engine)Recommended
POULANPPWT62522 (B&S 625 Series engine)Recommended
QUALCASTB&S enginesRecommended
QUALCASTTecnamotor enginesRecommended
RANSOMESB&S 18HP Twin engineRecommended
RANSOMESB&S 5HP enginesRecommended
SEARS3HP, 3.5HP (B&S engines)Recommended
SENSATIONB&S engineRecommended
SNAPPERELP21600E, ELP21602/ERecommended
SNAPPEREMLP21601/E, EMRP216015B, EMRP216517B, EMRP216518B, EP21600Recommended
SNAPPEREP21508B, EP21509BE, EP21550E, EP216012Recommended
SNAPPEREP2500W, EX21500, EXP21500Recommended
SNAPPERER194515B, ER195517B, ESPV21S, ESPV211S, ESPV21675Recommended
SNAPPERELT125G33BB, ELT125G38ABRecommended
SNAPPERE250813B, E250813BE, E250815BERecommended
SNAPPERE280915BE, E281013BE, E281016BE, E281018BE, E281022BERecommended
SNAPPERE2811511BE, E281213BE, E281216BE, E281222BE, E281318BERecommended
SNAPPEREM250819BE, EM250821BE, EM281019BE, EM281021BERecommended
SNAPPERIR4000, IR4002B, IR5003BRecommended
SNAPPERR8001, R8002BRecommended
TOROB&S enginesRecommended
VICTA4-Stroke Models (B&S or Tecumseh engines)Recommended
WACKERG 2.5A/B 5.5HP (B&S engine)Recommended
WACKERG 4.5A/B 10HP (B&S engine)Recommended
WACKERGS 5.5A/B 11HP (B&S engine)Recommended
WESTWOODSabre Rotary (B&S engine)Recommended
WOLFB&S enginesRecommended
YARDMANB&S enginesRecommended
YAZOOB&S enginesRecommended

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