1x Champion D16 (516) Copper-Core Spark Plug


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Champion Copper-Plus

Champions traditional plugs are all constructed with a corrosion resistant zinc plated shell.

Resistor plugs have the most durable high voltage semiconductor while marine application use

a special wire wound Q-type suppressor (CDI resistor) when noted. Copper core ground or center electrode (when noted). Conforms to all I.S.O

and S.A.E standards as specified by all manufacturers.

  • Dependable Performance - Features A Copper Core Electrode That Provides Increased Conductivity And Heat Control, Providing Good Overall Wear Characteristics.
  • Resists fouling and provides superior corrosion resistance.
  • Built by the world leader in Small Engine spark plugs to deliver proven performance.



  • RDJ8J
  • 865


  • Plug Type: D16
  • Seat Type: Gasket Hex Size(Inch)0.875
  • Hex Size: (MM)22.23
  • Thread Size: (Inch)0.709
  • Thread Size: (MM)18
  • Thread Reach: (Inch)0.5
  • Taper Diameter: (Inch)0.4
  • Installed Height: 2.34
  • Gap: (Inch)0.022-0.028
  • Gap: (MM)0.56-0.71
  • Center Electrode Diameter: (Inch)0.125
  • Center Electrode Material: Nickel Copper Alloy
  • Ground Electrode Material: Nickel Copper Alloy
  • Classification: Champion Agricultural Plugs
  • Resistor Plug: N



  • NGK: AB6 (Stock no. 2910)



UK / EU Non Automotive Fitting:

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AUSTINØ18mm Plugn/aStandard Plug
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BOG MARIN16 Ø18mm Plugn/aStandard Plug
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BRITØ18mm Plugn/aStandard Plug
BRITISH ANZANISuper Single, Super Snipen/aStandard Plug
BRITISH SEAGULL45, 55, 60, 75, 80, 90n/aStandard Plug
BRITISH SEAGULLCentury, Century Plus56 –> 70Standard Plug
BRITISH SEAGULLForty Featherweight, Forty Minus, Forty Plus55 –> 81Standard Plug
BRITISH SEAGULLSilver Century, Silver Century Plus66 –> 81Standard Plug
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BRITISH SEAGULLST110n/aStandard Plug
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CASE77, 80, 88n/aRecommended
CASE80, 301, 537n/aRecommended
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CASE210, 310, 320, 420, 430n/aRecommended
CASE430, 431, 435, 440, 441n/aRecommended
CASE500LK, 520, 530, 600, 620, 680n/aRecommended
CASE531, 535, 540, 541, 545n/aRecommended
CASE600, 660, 1000, 1010 (Case engines)n/aRecommended
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COVENTRY VICTORØ18mm Plug 12mm Thread Reachn/aStandard Plug
COVENTRY-VICTORAll other models Ø18mm Plugn/aStandard Plug
EVINRUDEØ18mm Plug (Standard Ignition)39 –> 50Standard Plug
EVINRUDE9.7 hp (Standard Ignition)42 –> 49Standard Plug
FERGUSONModel TOD-20n/aRecommended
FORDØ18mm Plugn/aRecommended
GOTA5-6, 10-12, 15-18n/aStandard Plug
GOTASL3, SL6, SL12, SLF10n/aStandard Plug
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GRAYMARINESix 111n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 121n/aStandard Plug
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GRAYMARINESix 427n/aStandard Plug
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GRAYMARINESix 116n/aStandard Plug
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GRAYMARINESix 150n/aStandard Plug
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GRAYMARINEFour 75n/aStandard Plug
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GRAYMARINEFour 162n/aStandard Plug
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GRAYMARINESix 80n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 88n/aStandard Plug
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GRAYMARINESix 100n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 103n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 104n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 109n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 109TDn/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 110n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 112n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 116n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 118n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 120n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 122n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 125n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 136n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 150n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 165n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 175n/aStandard Plug
GRAYMARINESix 185n/aStandard Plug
HERCULESHall Scott 6156, 6182 Nat. & LP-Gas: Inn/aRecommended
HERCULESJXC, JXLD Ø18mm Plugn/aRecommended
HIRTH45M4, 45M6, 45M7, P45M5, P45M6n/aRecommended
HIRTH60, 80, (6V, 12V)n/aRecommended
HIRTH100, 110, 111, 112n/aRecommended
HIRTH150G1, 150S2, A50R1, 150T1, 150T2n/aRecommended
JLO-ROCKWELLL101, L101UF45, L152, L197, L252 Ø18mm Plugn/aRecommended
JLO-ROCKWELLL292, L327, L375n/aRecommended
JOHN DEERE50, 60, 70, 520, 530n/aRecommended
JOHN DEERE620, 630, 720, 730n/aRecommended
JOHN DEERE2520, 3010, 3020n/aRecommended
JOHN DEERE4000, 4010, 4020, 4230n/aRecommended
JOHN DEERE50, 60, 70, 520, 530n/aRecommended
JOHN DEERE620, 630, 720, 730n/aRecommended
JOHN DEERE3010, 3020, 4000, 4010, 4020, 4230n/aRecommended
JOHN DEEREA, AR-AO, B, G, Hn/aRecommended
JOHNSONØ18mm Plug (Standard Ignition)39 –> 50Standard Plug
JOHNSON9.7 hp (Standard Ignition)42 –> 49Standard Plug
NEPTUNE10A16n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNE11A12n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNE11A16n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNE16A39n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNE238n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNE239n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNE438n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNE439n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNE639n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNE1016n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNE1638n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNE1639n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB1n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB2n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB2Cn/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB3n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB4n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB11n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB12n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB31n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB32n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB34n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB51n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB63n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB64n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB65n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB102n/aStandard Plug
NEPTUNEOB112n/aStandard Plug
PALMER-GREENWICHPW27 Ø18mm Plugn/aStandard Plug
PERKINS35.0 hp Ø18mm Plug59 –> 61Standard Plug
RANSOMESTS50, 54, 55, 63, 64n/aRecommended
RENAULT/COUACHRC6, RC8, RC15n/aStandard Plug
ROTAX400, 500, 600n/aRecommended
ROTAXStamo: 125, 150, 150Hn/aRecommended
ROTAXStamo: 165, 185, 200, 250, 250ASn/aRecommended
SCRIPPSØ18mm Plugn/aStandard Plug
ST. LAWRENCEØ18mm Plugn/aStandard Plug
STUART TURNERØ18mm Plugn/aRecommended
STUART TURNEROther models Ø18mm Plugn/aStandard Plug
TOROØ18mm Plugn/aRecommended
TURBO MARINEK-399-2n/aStandard Plug
VOLVO-PENTAC5, C10, C23n/aStandard Plug
VOYAGER1VA, 1VB, 2VA, V-2L/2LL/2Nn/aStandard Plug
VOYAGERV-4L-GSn/aStandard Plug
WICKSTROMW1, 2, 3n/aStandard Plug
WISCONSINAll Other Models (Petrol)n/aRecommended

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