Denso Mass Air Flow Sensor 22204-27010


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New Genuine Denso Mass Air Flow Sensor

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Denso Mass Air Flow Sensors

The air flow meter or mass air flow sensor, installed in the intake pipe, detects the amount of air drawn into the engine cylinder. DENSO’s small, light-weight air flow meter precisely detects how much air is drawn into the engine. Also its unique structure reduces contaminations such as dusts and chlorides to a sensing element, resulting in high reliability.

Denso Benefits and Features

  • High Reliability - The bypass passage structure significantly reduces contaminations to the sensing element, improving reliability.
  • DENSO’s sensing element with a fine platinum wire is coated with a glass film to protect the platinum wire, resulting in even higher reliability.
  • Small size and light weight - The small bypass passage structure and control circuit significantly reduce the size and weight of the air flow meter.
  • The control circuit is integrated with the top of the air flow meter so that only the small bypass passage structure with the sensing element is inserted into the intake air pipe, resulting in minimized pressure drop of the air flowing in the intake air pipe.
  • High detection accuracy - The uniquely designed bypass passage prevents the adverse effect of air turning toward the sensing element, as well as errors caused by air pulsations produced in the intake air pipe, resulting in higher detection accuracy.
  • Easy installation -The air flow meter can be installed by inserting only the small bypass passage structure with the sensing element. That means the air flow meter can be used in a wide variety of air systems.  


Air Flow Meter Structure: 


DENSO Bypass Passage

The sensors element position within the bypass passage helps reduce contamination, improving reliability.

Conventional Passage

Conventional air flow sensor elements are an open subject to dust and dirt, reducing reliability.

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