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1x Denso IU31 (5364) Iridium Power Spark Plug


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Denso RangeDenso Iridium Power
Denso Part NumberIU31
Denso Stock Code5364

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Denso Iridium Power

Iridium Power® best demonstrates its performance improvement during acceleration. The world's smallest center electrode and specially shaped ground electrode deliver maximum spark energy while withstanding temperatures greater than 2200º C. These features combine to achieve higher ignitability and require a lower spark voltage than ever before. As a result, acceleration improves in comparison with normal plugs.

Ignitability That's a Cut Above

To increase ignitability, the important point is to let the flame kernel produced by the spark to grow unobstructed. Normally, this can be accomplished by widening the spark gap. However, this causes the spark voltage to increase, which has the opposite effect. Iridium Power uses DENSO's patented U-Groove ground electrode to achieve maximum ignitability while minimizing the required voltage.

  1. Patented 360-degree laser welding assembly process

  2. 0.4mm Iridium Tip

  3. Taper cut, U-Groove ground electrode

Iridium Tipped Centre Electrode

At 0.4mm in diameter, the DENSO Iridium Power center electrode tip is the world’s smallest. It produces the hottest, most concentrated spark, while requiring the lowest voltage (5,000 less volts to fire than conventional spark plugs). For maximum performance under the most extreme conditions, this plug is the one! Because of its patented technology, the Iridium Power plug outperforms any plug today. You’ll enjoy more horsepower, faster and easier starts, fewer misfires under heavy loads, plus better fuel efficiency.

Overall Benefits:

  • Required ignition voltage reduced - Great for engine starts in freezing conditions.
  • Unsurpassed center electrode durability.

  • Improved spark ignition for maximum combustion, even with lean air-fuel mixtures.

  • Available for many performance and power sports applications.

  • Better MPG
  • Improved horsepower
  • Smoother engine running with less misfires.


We (Driven 2 Automotive) only supply 100% genuine spark plugs. In fact, we play a major active role in fighting back fakes by producing a series of website blog articles dedicated on showing you how to spot the dodgy ones!

In a bid to help everyone understand the severity of how accurate some copies can be these days, we provide detailed, side-by-side comparison photos of genuine spark plugs placed directly next to counterfeits that we've discovered online, providing help to all those who need it.

Trust genuine, trust us! Simply type 'How to spot fake Denso spark plugs' into a search engine and we'll sure to be near the top of the results.

Vehicle Compatibility

  • Please search for 'Denso AM E-Catalogue' on a search engine to verify plug fitment, this is the best way as the online tool features the very latest compatibility data.



  • Using such lubricants can result in over-torqued values with a torque-wrench by up to 20 percent! Possibly causing major damage.
  • Virtually all modern spark plugs feature a special zinc-chromate shell plating which provides corrosion resistance to the elements.
  • Spark plugs should be torqued/tightened down with a dry thread only.
  • On spark plugs that feature a crush-able base gasket washer, be prepared for tightening to feel odd in the last stages as it's being crushed.
  • Follow the instructions on the box that show you to finger tighten first and then rotate the amount shown afterwards with a wrench.
  • Only use a spark plug gapping tool which pulls on the ground electrodes neck to adjust the gap on precious metal spark plugs. Note that Denso do not recommend changing the gap at all.
  • The only time anti-seize compound should be used is on vintage spark plugs that have a non-coated, usually black surface.

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