Land Rover Defender / Discovery TD5 EGR Full Removal Kit


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The All NEW Max Performance & Top Quality

Driven 2 Automotive Land Rover TD5 Defender / Discovery EGR Removal Kit

*Introductory Price*

The All New Driven 2 Automotive TD5 REMOVAL KIT Boasts:

  • Top Quality Cast Alloy
  • No Welds - One Piece Design for Maximum Performance / Strength
  • Very Light Weight
  • Completely Smooth Surfaces for Max Air Flow Efficiency, MPG and Performance Gains
  • 12 Month Guarantee
  • Quality looking product

Kit Contents:

  • Step by step installation instructions (not pictured)
  • 1x Cast Aluminium Cone - One Piece Design - 2mm thick cylinder - 6mm thick base
  • 1x High Temperature Resistant EGR Removal Cone Gasket
  • 1x Blanking Plate (Precision Laser Cut Steel - Fits in place behind the expansion box piping)
  • 6x Stainless Steel Allen screws (2 for the blanking plate and 4 for the EGR Cone Base)
  • 2x Rubber EGR Solenoid Blanking Plugs (the EGR is ECU vacuum controlled, these plugs will make the ECU think that the EGR is still there so no fault codes or dashboard engine management warning lights appear)

Note - Early TD5 models are slightly different however; but you can still use the same kit, but we explain how to in detail within the instruction sheet.


EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve.

The EGR valve helps your car run more efficiently and completely burn fuel by reticulating a portion of your exhaust and running it through the combustion process again. This results in a cooler, more complete burn of the fuel which decreases you car's noxious emissions by prohibiting the formation of some harmful gases. However over time they do become clogged up and the valve will stick due to excess carbon deposits.

In Simple terms the EGR will counteract everything required for top performance and economy. The EGR valve causes physical restriction to the turbo and inter-cooler. It restricts in a similar way to a catalytic converter ( remove the cat - more power ) because there is less restriction in exhaust.

When the EGR valve opens it allows the exhaust gasses to mix into the cold, compressed air, making it less dense by diluting the oxygen within that air. Where does the EGR borrow this exhaust gas from? The turbo of course, this causes problems of its own because the turbo relies on the exhaust gasses to maintain boost pressure.

Promised Quality

Our EGR removal cones have been manufactured using the highest grade of die cast (Al-Si) alloy. This means they're made to a perfectly smooth finish and shape every time. No welds or rough surfaces which will hinder air flow and performance!

After the cone has been fitted in place of the EGR Valve a special barbed rim helps keep the hose from slipping.

The exhaust gasses in a diesel engine carry a lot of carbon, over time the carbon will deposit in your inlet manifold. This also restricts air flow and will cause a loss in power. If you are going to remove your EGR valve, and if you have time, it’s always worth removing the inlet manifold and giving it a good old clean with engine degrease spray.

When the inlet manifold is nice and clean then it will allow air to pass through smoothly and unrestricted which again will result in slightly more power.

People go to great lengths to port and polish inlets because they know that the smoother/faster/less restricted the air can flow the more power you will gain.

EGR valves can often fail, due to carbon build up, they're normally very expensive to replace with genuine parts and will eventually fail again. When the EGR valve fails or sticks open it will cause a loss in power, and reduced fuel economy. It will also cause increased exhaust smoke, this is down to the fact that its starving the turbo of exhaust gas, which in turn means a decrease in air flow pressure (boost pressure), so your injectors are still spraying the same amount of fuel into the combustion chamber but there is not enough air to mix with the fuel to provide a perfect burn, this means that you have lost a massive amount of power and your vehicle will be dumping a lot of un-burnt fuel in the form of black smoke out of the exhaust!

With the fuel prices of today, why would anyone in the right mind want to-do this? You probably wonder why manufactures fitted the EGR valve in the first place if it causes so many negative effects? To explain this point, more than 30 years ago when the US EPA showed concern about NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions, engineers came up with the idea of the EGR valve. Its basic/main function is to reduce NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions. Vehicle manufactures today will fit EGR valves to meet strict European emission regulations; however these regulations ARE NOT REQUIRED FOR THE UK MOT TEST. This means that by removing your EGR you will still pass the UK MOT emissions test.

Fitted Coned


We offer a solution to all of the above mentioned problems with an EGR removal kit that's been developed over a long period of time, the kit comes with easy to follow instructions so it can easily be fitted by any DIY mechanic. However always seek professional advice from a garage or workshop if you're unsure about anything.