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NGK RangeNGK Racing
NGK Part NumberBR8EG
NGK Heat Range8
NGK Stock Code3130

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NGK Racing Spark Plugs

NGK Racing Spark Plugs for motorcycles and specialty racing engines come in a variety of tip configurations and materials. They're designed for high-powered engines with increased compression ratios and higher rpms. They're designed for use under severe conditions, including repeated cycles of acceleration and deceleration and long hours of high-speed running. To meet the stringent requirements of racing engines and sparking voltage, NGK Racing Plugs have characteristics such as easy sparking and enhanced ignitability, as well as excellent heat resistance, thermal conductivity, durability and mechanical strength.


To withstand the severe conditions that occur in racing engines, NGK Racing Spark Plugs feature electrode materials and configurations as follows:

  • Electrode materials - Many use precious metals such as platinum or gold/palladium for greater durability and lower voltage requirements.
  • Electrode configurations - Fine-wire center electrodes provide better sparking and enhanced ignitability. Fine-wire ground electrodes further improve the ignitability of the plug.
  • Insulator configurations - Special configurations are used for the insulator noses to improve throttle response.


GAS GASWild HP 30003 –>
GAS GASWild HP 300ccn/a
GAS GASEnduro 125 12502 –>
GAS GASEC 200 Endurocross (2002 models) 20002 –>
GAS GASEC 200 Racing 20011 –>
GAS GASEC 250 Racing, EC 250 SIX (Incl. Replica) (2-Stroke) 25010 –>
GAS GASEnduro 250 25002 –>
GAS GASSupermotard SM 250 250n/a
GAS GASEC 300 Racing, EC 300 SIX (Incl. Replica) (2-Stroke) 30010 –>
GAS GASEnduro 300 30002 –>
HONDACR250 R3/R-D/E/F/G/H 250n/a
HONDACR250R-S/T/V 250n/a
HONDACR500R-E-S/T/V/W/X 50093 –>
HUSQVARNACR250 25004 –>
HUSQVARNAWR250 25002 –>
HUSQVARNAWR300 30009 –>
KAWASAKIKX250 C1-C2, D1 25083 –> 85
KAWASAKIKX500 B, C, D, E1-E16 50085 –> 04
KTM200 EGS, EXC, MXC 20098 –>
KTM200 EXC 20006 –>
KTM200 XC, XC-W 20007 –>
SUZUKIRM250 K1-K5 25001 –> 05
YAMAHAYZ250WR 25005 –>

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